Thursday, June 7, 2012

Here Goes.... (be back in a minute - I swear!)

I started this blog because I stumbled across Honesty2Betsy while researching an upcoming (potential) hysterectomy.  I'll be using it as a place to sound off, and work out my thoughts through my fingertips and keyboard, as I amble along, trying to sort out how I feel and think about things, and slowly become sane.

I'm a happily married post menopausal woman in my early 50s, with a good education, a fun job, and only about half of my cervix. The other half was burned out with a looped electrical wire about 12 years ago, and then dissected to see just how nasty the carcinoma-in-situ growing on it was. It was bad enough for concern, but not bad enough to remove my uterus, yet...

Now comes the Adenomyosis. Before that there was the endometrial ablation, which was cool while it lasted, but eventually failed.

I'll probably be talking a bit about orgasm, women, and post menopausal women's orgasms. When I get around to blogging.

This month  two of my three children are completing their Master's degrees, I have a bunch of doctors appointments, and a vacation for a bunch of people to plan.

I'm in disguise on this blog because many of the things I have to say might be controversial, or at least raise an eyebrow or two.  For now I'll hide behind an alias, but maybe later...

And, a huge thanks to Betsy, Honest2 - for the time and energy and thought and love she puts into her posts. And for the research she shares with us all.  What a great lady. What an inspiration! and I love her photos of mommyhood; they remind me of just how much damn fun it was. It still is. Thanks Betsy!!